We Are Akemi
Our endeavor is to fulfill the expectations of a degree through new experiences

I invite you to follow our progress and join the endeavor as we approach education with a new dimension.

We Are Akemi
Akemi Mission

Our mission is to recognize and develop the strengths and abilities of students to have a talented workforce for growth of corporate India.

We Are Akemi
Akemi Business School

we are so pleased that you have made the decision…

President's Message

Mrs.Vibha Vikram Bokey Founder  President, Akemi Group of Institutes

Welcome to Akemi Group of Institutes. We are so pleased that you have decided to become part of our institution. An institution which is yours, that is directed towards a fulfilling learning experience for every individual, and to provide all support to advance towards success.

What does success mean? It’s a term you hear a lot these days, but for each person it’s not the same. Whether you are here to obtain your Masters degree, improve your job skills or change careers, from the moment you step in campus, your success is our goal, and we will work with you to make it happen. Whatever your dreams are, our supportive teaching and non- teaching members are dedicated to helping you get there!

Our campus is as innovative as our curriculum. Our attractive facilities have the flexibility to accommodate the curriculum and technology of today and adapt to whatever form the curriculum and technology of tomorrow might take.

But since an institute isn’t just about academics, we will also present you with opportunities to make friends with students from different backgrounds, meet senior executives from corporations and learn from their experiences


Established in 2006, Akemi Group of Institutes is a new age centre for education with a progressive and dynamic outlook. At Akemi we aim to shape up education, we believe learning is a continuous process which does not happen only in classroom or any formal setting but can happen through real experiences, informal talks, discussions and other medium in any other environment.

A place of useful learning, “Akemi” believes education is not about completing a curriculum, obtain a degree in a time frame, but attain skills, knowledge for employability, industry needs and also for a sense of confidence, satisfaction for individuals.

Akemi is complete education, a concept meant to integrate with the industry, society through its specialty programs in management, logistics, retail and digital advantage.


Academic Excellence

Akemi is complete education through its specialty programs to nurture leaders, professionals


At Akemi, we aim to shape up education to have direct connection with industry, society.

Global Employability

Programs designed & structured for global employability needs

World class education

Students standing with students from accredited institutions around the world