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Welcome to Akemi School of Foreign Languages

Languages enable us to function in this communicative world and express ourselves to others. With the constant rise in scientific, technological, commercial and cultural advancements across the globe, the added know-how of foreign languages has become an essential skill-set.

Therefore, with an aim to strengthen the multi-lingual capacities of Indians, we established the Akemi School of Foreign Languages (ASFL). To facilitate communication between Indians reaching out to different parts of ASFL offers courses with well-designed modules for the following foreign languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

International students can also benefit from the courses offered at ASFL, and bridge the gaps arising due to cultural differences.

Why Learn a Foreign Language?

With the constant globalisation, our world has been transformed into a village, where people speak multiple languages and numerous opportunities exist. Therefore, additional skills such as the ability to speak one or more foreign languages has gained tremendous significance.

Learning a foreign language not only gives you an added skill-set, but also help know about different cultures and communities across the globe. This in turn makes your international travels easy and enjoyable. Moreover, for the ones who wish to make careers globally, learning a foreign language opens new avenues and helps create more professional opportunities.

Learning a foreign language also enhances an individual’s personality and helps create a positive attitude towards life. With the understanding of different languages and cultures one starts to appreciate arts, sports, music, movies, etc.

Come to ASFL and learn these highly demanded Foreign languages the fun way!