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Code of Conduct for Students

Students at Akemi shall need to adhere to the discipline and code of conduct as laid by the governing body.

  • The students while studying in this college, if found indulging in anti-national activities contrary to the provisions of Act and Laws enforced by Government or in any activity contrary to rules of discipline, will be liable to be expelled from the college without any notice by the Director of the college.

  • Students are required to carry their identity cards at all times. Students may be asked to produce identity card at any from authorized personnel to avail campus facilities.

  • Any kind of disorderly conduct, an act that can cause physical, psychological harm or can cause fear, shame or embarrassment to other students shall not be tolerated.

  • Use of cell phones or any other electronic devices is not allowed in the College library, Classrooms and Examination hall.

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside Akemi premises & campus.

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